Bucear en Malolo Island

    Jackies Reef Malolo Island, Fiji

    For 35 years the resort has been fish feeding here from coral viewing boats and this has bought about a fish population of great diversity and abundance. Both large and small reef fish, both solo and in huge schools, allow a rare opportunity to see all these fish at one shallow, easy and close dive…

    Plantation Pinnacles Malolo Island, Fiji

    Pinnacle with a swim through at its base. Abundant fish life including turtles and reef sharks. Many soft and hard corals.The top of the Pinnacle sits at approx 12m below the surface.
    supermarket map

    Supermarket Malolo Island, Fiji

    The corals are in superb condition at the Supermarket and give lots of oportunities to teach about marine life. Beautiful South Pacific Reef fishes and sometimes white-tip and black-tip sharks; occasionally green sea turtles.