Nassimo Thila

North Male Atoll, Maldivas

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Bucear Nassimo Thila

Cave Reef Wall

Probably one of the best thilas in the whole North Male, known as paradise rock or virgin reef, is located almost 2 km at the west of Lankanfinolhu and is declared protected marine area. The life here both small and big is numerous so is common to find several dhoanis diving in the place. There are several big pinnacles scattered on the north of the thila, where uses to be the current point, therefore where the main fishes are, along with beautiful coral formations and sea fans. Some of the pinnacles start from 15m and go to the deeper part of the thila at 30. Diving around the pinnacles is a great experience, being able to have closeups with napoleons, barracudas, or small schools of black snapper.
All around the thila are overhangs full of sea fans and soft coral where nurse sharks are often spotted. The soft coral formations are just impressive, almost all colours and all around.
In the south, more protected to the current there are hard coral formations, many cavities and on the eastern side small swimthroughs where scorpionfish and tiger corrie shells can be found. On the top there are a lot of different reef fishes, including several types of reef groupers. It is possible to go all around the thila in one dive, but keeping the max depth at 20 - 25m to have a no decompression dive and with proper air consumption, although the best way to do this dive is with strong current hitting the pinnacles.

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