Es Vedranell Underwater Canyons

Ibiza, Baleares


E of Es Vedrà lies the horseshoe-shaped islet of Es Vedranell. Head for the latter's W tip, and according to the prevailing wind, you can dive either on the N side or else on the S, where there is a small cove.

Your aim is to follow the winding canyons or underwater gorges which run parallel to each other towards the adjoining island of Es Vedra?. If you dive on the N side, between Vedranell's tip and a small islet, descend about 8 metres to the seabed covered with rocks and Posidonia. It is best to set off in a SW direction in order to descend to the maximum depth which corresponds to the last needle formed by the third canyon, 26 metres down. This rocky mass drops down sharply, with encrusting yellow anemones and fragile bryozoan colonies, a surface texture seen throughout the dive. Go round this needle and you come immediately to the first canyon, 25 metres in length with a width reaching 3 metres, a brilliant corridor of colourful tapestries which you follow N. When you emerge from it keep the rocky wall on your right, and you immediately come to the second canyon, same maximum depth, distinguished by a large round boulder wedged firmly 20 metres below the surface. Follow this S, and on coming out of the canyon turn completely round and pass through the third canyon, maximum depth 12 metres, also full of fragile sea creatures like small sea slugs (nudi-branchia). Head back towards the boat ascending as you approach the little islet where you dived in, and swim round this to reach the anchorage point and the end of the dive.

  • Map of Divesite

    Map of Divesite

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