Es Pallaret

Ibiza, Baleares

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Bucear Es Pallaret

Ambiance Wall

Sailing towards the island of Sa Conillera from Sant Antoni, near the Punta de Sa Torre, you come to a small islet, the goal of your underwater excursion, Es Pallaret, also commonly known as the Hay Stack, due to it`s shape.

Dive down on the SW side of the islet to a depth of 12 metres, where the rocky seabed continues the steep descent of the islet's walls. The route consists of going round the islet in one direction or the other, depending on the current, if there is one (remember you should begin a dive swimming against the current - if there is one - so that the return stage is easier). If you're swimming with the underwater shelf on your left, you quickly gain depth, and at 23 metres down come across the remains of a scooter that has been there quite some time, judging from the covering of incrustations and organisms that have made it part of the underwater land- scape.

After this strange curiosity there are endless objects of interest thanks to the many hollows, fissures, and hiding places waiting to be explored, where you may find moray eels, brown meagre or the occasional spiny lobster. The entire rocky sea floor is covered with false coral and sponge colonies, offset by colourful sea-slugs. You should remain at a reasonable depth considering the shelf drops below 40 metres, which noticeably reduces the period of time you can remain at the bottom. It is best to maintain a moderate depth so as to enjoy the rich biodiversity that gives this particular locale its unique colour. As the dive draws to an end reduce the depth accordingly as you return to the spot you dived in.

  • Map of Divesite

    Map of Divesite
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    Barracudas Es Pallaret

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