Don Pedro

Ibiza, Baleares

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The Don Pedro was a roll-on/roll-off boat which, in the summer of 2007, hit underwater rocks off the islet of the 'Dado pequen?o' near Ibiza harbour, and ended up on the sea floor, up to 45 metres below the surface in this area. It has since acquired a reputation as one of Europe's finest shipwrecks for divers.

Leaving aside the unfortunate nature of the accident, this wreck has become an entire ecosystem for various species that have colonized the countless nooks and crannies of the immense bulkhead, 140 metres long and 20 metres wide. The Don Pedro now lists on its port side, while the bow is raised at an angle of 1050, and the shallower parts lie 24 metres below the surface, requiring divers to be of a certain level and preparation. The vessel's considerable length and average depth mean two or more dives are necessary to cover it properly, one to explore the bow area and another for the stern.

As the boat was carrying a cargo of motor vehicles as well as other goods, after it sank all entrances to the interior were sealed to remove the temptation to explore its interior. For this reason, the Don Pedro dive deals only with the ship's exterior.
Moor at one of the buoys submerged 11 metres below the surface, and from there follow the anchor line down to the boat's starboard side. Then head to the deepest part in order to explore the propeller 36 metres below, the cargo ramp and the stern bridge (if this is the chosen dive), or alternatively the anchor, propeller and bulbous bow (for the other dive). In either case, the diving plan must be strictly followed and reserve air tanks should be ready 5 metres down.

  • Map of Divesite

    Map of Divesite

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Kit September 22nd, 2013 - 22:08:
Mientras muchos buzos les encantará el tamaño y la magnitud de este desastre masivo que personalmente no tarifa demasiado altamente que apoya la vida y su proximidad al puerto significa que la visibilidad no es fantástica. Cuando fui allí que toda la sección inferior de la ruina era totalmente envuelto en una niebla de color marrón la capa sin embargo fue mejor la parte superior. Han buceado en la parte trasera de la nave, los aspectos más destacados de los cuales fueron la hélice, timón, puente y antena. En una nota positiva es uno de los naufragios accesibles más grandes de Europa y se encuentra en aguas relativamente poco profundas con razonablemente bien visibilidad y se convertirá en el futuro hogar de una gran variedad de vida marina. Si bien no fue fantástico me gustaría ¡ dive it otra vez.

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