Cave of Light - Pillars of Hercules

Ibiza, Baleares

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Half way between Sant Antoni de Portmany and Port de Sant Miquel, Cap d'Albarca (Cape Albarca) stands at the entrance to a large bay of the same name. Under some impressive cliffs are two dives which can be carried out separately, but are here united in one. These are the Pillars of Hercules and the Cave of Light.

Dive down near the summit of an underwater platform opposite the entrance to the first cave, to a depth of 12 metres, and head S which takes you directly to the underwater shelf. After making your way round some large rocks locate the entrance porch 10 metres down, a well-lit and easy way in. The moment you get inside observe how erosion has created enormous columns dividing the interior into curious and fantastic halls inside the cliff. The same phenomenon can be seen further on, so that we seem to be diving inside a timeless work of human origin although, the architect was again Nature itself. Walls covered with orange and reddish colonies of polyps, abundant yellow incrusting anemones and sponges visited by colourful sea-slugs are all suffused with glowing natural light. When you come out swim on a bearing of 210 degrees, keeping the wall to your left, and after a few minutes make sure there is a pronounced left turn, now heading due S, and after a large rock, appears the impressive entrance to the Cave of Light.

Looking out towards the blue from inside, enjoy the enormous dimensions of this interior space whose walls provide shelter to colourful and fragile invertebrates, so that great care must be taken with your finns.
In this cave you can even rise to the surface, discovering an airy vault through which the sun's light streams in, a delightful touch. After having a good look round the interior of this cave, perhaps catching sight of a slipper lobster if it's the right time of year, swim out and return to where you dived in, keeping the wall on your right (or alternatively arrange for the skipper to be waiting when you emerge from the cave).

  • Map of Divesite

    Map of Divesite

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