Bait Reef

Hamilton Island, Islas Whitsunday

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Bait Reef is located on the Outer Great Barrier Reef near the Whitsunday Island Chain. It is one of the most pristine scuba diving locations in the world and benefits from protection under the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

A perfect site for photography because of the depth and variety of aquatic life. Highlights include the resident Green turtles that can be found often in abundance here. Also look under the small ledges for Pineapple fish and Lionfish. Covered in most part by abundant growth do take the time to look closely at the weed - home to anglerfish, numerous varied nudibranchs, sea hares, juvenile fish and molluscs. Bait Reef is a treasure trove of marine finds and with the shallow depth you have plenty of time to explore.

The Reef is usually swept by shoals of bait fish (hence the name!) and also schools of squid. Other visitors are Humpback Whales in season - often seen over the Reef during their annual migration up and down the coast - though very rarely spotted underwater whole dives can be made to the accompaniment of male Humpbacks singing.

Other regular sightings: Spotted and Ornate Wobbegongs, fiddler rays, shovel nose sharks or rays, schooling juvenile catfish, bright yellow and black catfish, numerous moray eels often many in the same hole, large and miniature cuttlefish, small rays and also very large black sting rays, loggerhead turtles.

In this reef you can find interesting diving spots like "the stepping stones", or "manta drop off".

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