North Bali Divecenter

North Bali Divecenter

Pemuteran, Bali

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Lex July 31st, 2011 - 1:57:
Before I say anything, I ask anybody going to this resort to reconsider. I was there with my family and friends in July, and to put it simply we were screwed over big time. The website is very deceiving, such as the picture on the main page of the view of the hotel. The part of the sea where the picture is taken is surrounded by boats, the beach is black and the prices are in Euros...HELLO! WHERE IN BALI! NOT EUROPE!. The rooms stunk of mildew, there was no hot water, the restaurant was very expensive and when we decided to cut our stay short of what we planned due to the unsatisfactory state of the place, the owner decided to screw us around. Personally, we could have walked out, there was no deposit laid and we had made a reservation, not a booking. Also there was no cancellation policy or fee. However we decided to pay some money, but what he wanted was everything. He wanted us to pay AUD$600 plus the money for the boats hired for diving, when we had never booked or reserved diving, we said WE MAY BE INTERESTED! In the end we payed AUS$320 which is better, but still a bit much if you ask me. We had also made a deal to let our driver stay as he had driven us to this shithole for 6 hours and would have to drive another 3 hours back to his home. But then the owner said yes, but went back on his word making our driver sleep in the security house. When we woke up, we were not allowed breakfast even if we payed and when we left we were given abusive gestures. Please, for your own good don't stay here. This is not just a review, this is a warning about what you could be getting yourself into.

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